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Kate Moss doesn't bare breasts anymore

Kate Moss doesn't bare breasts anymore

Kate Moss doesn't like showing off her breasts anymore.

The British supermodel is the epitome of cool with her edgy sense of style and high-flying lifestyle. Her taste in clothing may have altered over the years, especially since becoming a mother to 13-year-old Lila Grace, but there's still some pet peeves Kate has towards fashion.

Speaking about her decision to add two breast pockets to a shirt in the line she designed for brand Equipment, Kate, 42, revealed what triggered it.

"I found a shirt in Brazil. It's see-through and because of my daughter... you know," she smiled to Vogue UK about adding the pockets to protect the wearer's modesty. "And I don't like seeing bras under tops, I think it's really naff, so when I saw this shirt I was like, 'Oh my god, you can wear it without a bra!' Even when there aren't any flashbulbs I don't like showing my boobs anymore."

Her collaboration is made up of 25 items, with pieces like a slip dress and skinny jeans as well as her favourite shirt design. There are a lot of fine details to be found too, with Kate pointing out the intricacy of an army jacket featured.

"They don't make them like this anymore," she said of the design. "Everyone makes shirt sleeves to here (gesturing her upper wrist). I wanted to have them here (pointing to the bottom of her hand)."

While many make assumptions about her wardrobe, Kate knows exactly how to sum up her eclectic aesthetic, explaining she's gone from grungy to tomboy. She still loves to dress up when the occasion calls for it though and enjoys going through the ages when picking outfits.

"There isn't really any 'no' for me!" she smiled. "I can see big Fifties dresses, and I'm like, 'I really wanna wear that!' Like a Grace Kelly pale blue dress, ahh! But then I'd f**k it up with eyeliner and all that. It always has to be a bit modern for me."

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