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Kate Moss changes friends' outfits

Kate Moss changes friends' outfits

Kate Moss makes her friends change their outfits if she thinks they haven't made much of an effort to get dolled up.

The 41-year-old supermodel can't bear it when her pals rock up to her house for a party in casual wear but makes sure she's not the only one spruced up by making them change.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph newspaper, she said: "I change my friends when they come to my house. Not everyone but if they haven't tried very hard and we're dressing up ... I'll say, 'You're not coming in looking like that! In jeans and a t-shirt and trainers. Get that heel on.' "

But, although she likes to dress up to the nines, the blonde beauty isn't a big fan of red lipstick when she's going out.

She explained: "[A gig] is not a red lip event. You're kissing too many people - you know 'Oh darling how are you, mwah!' - you don't want to leave stains on everyone."

Meanwhile, Kate likes to keep her make-up look relatively low-key most of the time, opting for neutral colours, but she has admitted her simplistic style isn't something her 13-year-old daughter Lila-Grace has adopted.

She said: "Lila's really into eyebrows and shaping them. She's got the same brows as me but she wants them painted in and shaped.

"I'm like, 'Right OK, they look like they've been cut out and stuck on your face but whatever.' I'm sure it all goes around and next season it'll be thin brows."