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Karyn Hillman: How I refreshed Levi's

Karyn Hillman: How I refreshed Levi's

Levi's' Karyn Hillman hopes she has brought fresh perspective to the famed denim brand.

Karyn took up the role of chief product officer at Levi's almost two years ago, with 25 years experience spent working at Calvin Klein and Gap under her belt.

Moving across to Levi's presented Karyn with the opportunity to mix things up at the much loved label.

"I love denim - the men's and women's business - and I wanted to bring a fresh perspective to Levi's, so it was time to take a look and see what we have, what else is out there, and what do we need?" Karyn explained to

"Everyone knows what the Levi's icons are - like the 501, which we updated this year with the launch of the CT [customised and tapered] - but where is the slimmer skinnier version of our brand going? And how do we make sure we offer a modern, core shape, which still has the same identity as people expect from us. They have to speak to each other."

Karyn reasons that you can't change things too much, otherwise the brand loses its identity. But she has poured all her efforts into the recent launch of the women's 700's collection, which includes the tight to the ankle 710 style and the skinny 711 among others.

A big part of the new line is the fabrics, which Karyn says for the first time go hand in hand with the fit of the jeans.

"The generation coming up is trying to find some meaning, and Levi's definitely has meaning, but we still need to push ourselves, and iterate, and evolve, to keep the story and the authenticity alive. Fabrics have come so far, even in the last three years, let alone ten years," she explained.

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