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Karlie Kloss: Vogue isn't the real me

Karlie Kloss: Vogue isn't the real me

Karlie Kloss has warned that appearing in Vogue isn't necessarily the pinnacle of a model's career.

Despite her tender years, the 23-year-old star has already enjoyed a stellar modelling career. Earlier this year (15) she confirmed she was leaving Victoria's Secret to focus on other ventures, among them studying at university in New York City and launching a YouTube channel. While she is still modelling, these new ventures are what excite Karlie.

"As a model, you are hired to help project the image or the theme or idea of what a collection is about - or in a fashion shoot I’m modelling with Vogue, I play a character," she told "Obviously, as a model, being in the pages of Vogue is one of the pinnacles within your career, but it’s not always a reflection of me. But it's actually me on my YouTube channel - you actually see me, you hear me."

YouTube isn't the star's only social media channel, she also uses Instagram and Twitter. Her latest venture is particularly exciting for her though because it allows her to talk to fans fully and share more of her personality.

When Karlie began modelling social media wasn't such a trend, and sometimes she can't believe how much it has changed the industry.

"It’s been a really interesting shift... the new way that people get inspired by beauty trends, get inspired by fashion, new ways people shop," she marvelled. "Over the past eight years that I’ve been in the industry, I’ve seen this shift firsthand. When I was first backstage at shows, nobody was backstage tweeting, Instagramming, YouTubing live from backstage. Now backstage you can live stream what’s happening, you can live stream the show, you can feel like you’re there."

It hasn't been easy though, with Karlie admitting the process of making videos has been a learning curve. What's really interested her is that some of the shoots she's taken a long time over haven't been as popular as the ones which are just her talking to camera.

In all, it's taught her something important: "You can be two of three things: good and fast but not cheap, fast and cheap but not good, and good and cheap but not fast.”

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