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Karlie Kloss stresses benefits of diverse workouts

Karlie Kloss stresses benefits of diverse workouts

Karlie Kloss is adamant that workouts don’t have to be boring to be beneficial.

The American model is one of the hottest names in fashion, having snapped up campaigns for Jean Paul Gaultier, Donna Karan and L'Oreal Paris. She is also a brand ambassador for Adidas, which is a perfect fit considering the svelte star is a big fan of cardio as means of keeping in shape.

Though Karlie insists that she doesn't spend all day in the gym and her workouts are often short and sweet.

"With my workouts, I don't focus on specific numbers," she told Adidas' Training Hub. "Instead, I focus on ways to stay active and mix up my routine throughout the week, especially if my schedule is unpredictable."

The 24-year-old added that one of the most challenging parts about training is fitting it into her schedule. Accordingly, she always brings her workout gear with her, so that if a shoot happens to finish early, she can get good sweat in at the end of the day.

"Because my time outside of work and classes is so limited, I like to have fun with my workouts," smiled Karlie. "I enjoy mixing up my routine with a great upbeat playlist to keep me going."

The former Victoria's Secret model also explained that she has experienced various levels of "breakthroughs" when it comes to exercise. Karlie is a fan of interval and circuit training, as well as Pilates, yoga and stretching.

"For me, a breakthrough can be big or small. It can be trying a completely new workout, doing an extra circuit during a HIIT workout, or motivating myself to exercise at the end of a long day. It's important to recognise the small victories as well as the big ones," she shared.

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