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Karlie Kloss: ‘Running is no longer a nightmare workout’

Karlie Kloss: ‘Running is no longer a nightmare workout’

Karlie Kloss used to find running a “nightmare” until she took part in a half marathon.

The svelte star is a big fan of cardio to keep herself in shape and often shares snaps and videos of herself working out on social media. And as it turns out, one of her favourite activities these days is something she never expected to learn to love.

“I used to hate running, that was like one of my absolute worst nightmares, I never had the endurance to run more than 10 minutes,” she recalled to “But I gradually started doing more and more. I then mentally challenged myself to run a half marathon. Somehow some way, I did it. It’s true practice makes perfect, especially when you’re doing something physical, the more you train for it you actually surprise yourself by how much you can do.”

One of the reasons why the model loves running so much is because it allows her to workout outside, and what with spending so much time travelling for her job, Karlie enjoys getting out in the great outdoors.

The 24-year-old model has worked with top brands including Victoria’s Secret, Donna Karan and Coach, rocking different looks for each job. With every new venture Karlie makes sure she picks up a new tip, especially when it comes to cosmetics.

“I have learnt a lot of tricks in the make-up chair along the way. So, I always love to do a really good curl before mascara, you can even use a teaspoon to curl your lashes to control how much of a curl you get,” she smiled. “I love a good lip liner. If you want to disinfect a liner, perhaps you had a cold last time you used it, heat the tip with a lighter to disinfect it.”

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