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Karlie Kloss puts career success down to 'dumb luck'

Karlie Kloss puts career success down to 'dumb luck'

Karlie Kloss feels like it’s been “dog years” since she started out as a model.

The fashion star only recently celebrated her 24th birthday but she’s been one of the hottest names in the industry for some time now, beginning her career a decade ago on the cover of Scene Magazine. She’s even made it on to Time’s 100 Most Influential list thanks to her work, though she maintains a modest outlook on her success.

“It feels like dog years in a way,” she smiled to Vogue Australia. “I think the only explanation I have is just sheer dumb luck that I’ve stuck around this long, mixed with hard work.”

It isn’t just her posing for brands like Victoria’s Secret and Donna Karan which has seen her name soar; last September (15) she also enrolled at New York University and is a keen computer coder too.

With so many strings to her bow, crystal company Swarovski knew she was the right choice to take over from Miranda Kerr as brand ambassador. She began the prestigious role in May (16) and is contracted for two years, during which creative director Nathalie Colin predicts she’ll make a big impact.

“We wanted to continue finding a muse with multi-facets,” Nathalie explained. “She’s very connected, she’s very digital-savvy... I think she will bring a sense of spontaneity, freshness.”

Nathalie describes the blonde beauty as “spontaneous” and cites this personality trait as important to Swarovski, as it makes her accessible to audiences. In return, Karlie jumped at the chance to team up with the jewellery giant.

“I’ve worn Swarovski crystals since the beginning of my career on couture gowns on the runway or on red carpets or also in real life – I promise it does exist!” she giggled. “I think it’s a really modern-thinking company.”

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