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Karlie Kloss: My poor dad!

Karlie Kloss: My poor dad!

Former Victoria's Secret Angel Karlie Kloss and her family got her dad a dog so he didn't feel outnumbered by females.

The 23-year-old star grew up with sisters Kristine, Kimberly and Kariann and her parents Kurt and Tracy. With so many strong females in the household, the girls worried their father may be at a disadvantage - so they came up with a cunning plan.

"My three sisters, my mother and I are all very close," she explained in an interview with fashion friend Derek Blasberg for Germany's Glamour magazine. "But we did have our moments! When we were all getting ready for school in the mornings it would start. My poor father. At one point we decided to get him a dog, Joe, so he didn't feel so lonely."

When Karlie moved to New York to pursue a career in modelling, her mother went with her. It was a strange time for the then-teenager, as she was just starting to grasp how it would change her life.

"Everything I knew about New York I'd learnt from (TV show) Law & Order, so I was pretty terrified," she laughed. "We moved into an apartment above an Indian restaurant. It was surreal because despite my age, I knew it was my job that allowed us to rent and go out for dinner."

Rather than feeling a heavy weight of responsibility, Karlie was proud of her efforts and jokes it was better than getting paid $6 an hour to babysit. The runway beauty now splits her time between modelling and studying at New York University, even ditching her Victoria's Secret Angel wings to concentrate on education.

"I'm 23 and at a very important moment in my career," she reasoned. "But I hope it's just the beginning - there's so much I want to do!"

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