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Karlie Kloss: Learning is sexy

Karlie Kloss: Learning is sexy

Karlie Kloss thinks learning about technology and using her brain is sexy.

The fashion star is currently dividing her time between posing for the cameras and studying at New York University, leaving her role as a Victoria's Secret Angel so she could focus on learning. Although she has campaigns for the likes of Donna Karan, Lanvin and L'Oréal Paris under her belt, Karlie is keen to draw upon her other talents as she gets older.

"About two years ago I started to think about what happens to me next," she told Britain's Vogue magazine. "I'm a 23-year-old model and I want to think less about my looks and more about my future, and that involves my brain. I want to run companies, have a business future.

"Call me a nerd, but I love coding, the language of computers. Understanding coding is a superpower... I'm so competitive with myself and I am fascinated by the language of technology so I decided to be part of the conversation... I think it's sexy to learn this stuff; it enables and it empowers both sexes."

One of the reasons Karlie is so happy to fill her time with other activities could be that modelling wasn't her dream career. The blonde beauty grew up wanting to be a professional dancer and learnt classical ballet at a young age, but as she got older, she decided to branch out.

Along with her fashion career and education, Karlie keeps busy with her YouTube channel. She recently spoke about how this particular venture will help fans see the real side of her as opposed to her modelling personas.

"As a model, you are hired to help project the image or the theme or idea of what a collection is about - or in a fashion shoot I’m modelling with Vogue, I play a character," she told "Obviously, as a model, being in the pages of Vogue is one of the pinnacles within your career, but it’s not always a reflection of me. But it's actually me on my YouTube channel - you actually see me, you hear me."

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