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Karlie Kloss: ‘I make exercise a priority’

Karlie Kloss: ‘I make exercise a priority’

Karlie Kloss loves nothing more than working up a sweat and always makes time for the gym.

The supermodel keeps her body in shape with regular exercise sessions, and while some people may be reluctant to spend their spare time in the gym, Karlie actually looks forward to getting into her workout clothes. To make sure she doesn’t get bored with keeping fit, Karlie mixes up her activities and does everything from boxing to plyometrics – also known as jump training.

"Working out helps me feel productive and healthy, both mentally and physically,” she told Teen Vogue. “Nothing is better than working up a good sweat to keep that balance…

“I cherish my workouts. They recharge me mentally and physically so I do my best to prioritise them, even if it's a quick sweat in a hotel gym with hand weights and stretch bands. I love mixing it up—spin class, plyometrics workouts, or a hike with friends are my go-told. My current favourites are boxing for high intensity and Pilates for lengthening.”

Karlie can currently be seen starring in a short film for Adidas’ global campaign I’m Here to Create, which aims to empower female athletes all over the world.

The 23-year-old model is fully behind the movement and believes exercise is a great way to free your mind from stress and boost self-confidence.

“I love that this campaign highlights a group of strong, intelligent women who stand for so much,” she explained. “Whether as an athlete, an activist, a student, a sister - we can be whatever we want, all at once. It celebrates the complexity that makes each of us different.”

As one of the most famous models in the world, Karlie obviously enjoys experimenting with fashion, and that doesn’t change when she’s in the gym or taking a break from work. She’s happiest wearing on trend streetwear and pieces by her favourite sportswear brands.

“I love a cool pair of patterned leggings with a sweater or light jacket when I'm on the go,” Karlie said. “As of late I've been rocking my Adidas Ultimate Fit High-Rise Long Tights. They're great for high-impact workouts.”

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