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Karlie Kloss: I'm a multitasking pro

Karlie Kloss: I'm a multitasking pro

Karlie Kloss is relying on "juggling and discipline" to ensure she makes a success of modelling and university.

In February the 22-year-old star announced she was quitting Victoria's Secret because she was going to New York University. She plans to continue modelling full time however, and is adamant she'll be able to squeeze work around her packed schedule.

"It's going to involve lots of juggling and discipline. I've become very good at multitasking, though," she told British magazine Hello! "I spent a lot of time flying, so I'll be using that time to study. There's also a lot of time waiting around at photoshoots and other jobs when I can get in an hour of study here and there. It'll be hard, but it's something I'm very serious about and I've developed a good sense of time management and discipline since my modelling career took off."

Karlie was discovered when she was 13 and has gone on to land major campaigns, including becoming a L'Oréal Paris ambassador. Many parents would have been unsure about their teenage daughter trying to make it in such an image-obsessed industry, but Karlie had the full backing of hers.

In part that was because they knew how much modelling meant to her. As soon as she started booking shoots and ad campaigns the star realised how much she loved working the camera, and her mother and father could see how important it was to her.

"My mom spent five years travelling with me everywhere and making sure I was happy and comfortable. She'd sometimes take my three sisters backstage and we'd have such a great time as a family. I wouldn't be anywhere near as successful as I am not if it hadn't been for my mom," Karlie gushed. "My father is also very proud and happy for me. We speak on the phone very day, no matter where I am in the world."

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