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Karlie Kloss' footwear fun

Karlie Kloss' footwear fun

Karlie Kloss loves a shoe party.

The model was recently on hand to give out $100 gift vouchers to the students of the University of South Carolina, all thanks to retailer Nordstrom. Together they threw a footwear function the students wouldn’t forget.

“Who doesn’t love a shoe party? Let’s be honest,” Karlie grinned to America’s InStyle magazine.

“Equipping yourself with the best wardrobe really is important. It kind of gives you that extra pep in your step and kind of changes the way you carry yourself.”

Karlie has always been a fan of Nordstrom, recalling how she would regularly visit the high street store as a child.

“When I was growing up with my three sisters we would shop at Nordstrom for back-to-school or for birthday shopping and any other momentous occasion,” she admitted.

At the event, Karlie was happy to pose for selfies with fans and even hosted a catwalk show. Wearing a jeans, an off-the-shoulder top and flat gladiator style sandals, the former Victoria's Secret model looked effortlessly chic. Standing at a statuesque 1.85 m, the 23-year-old beauty doesn’t need heels on a night out. She favours flat shoes, admitting that looking good is all about feeling comfortable.

“What is always kind of important, above all, is finding the right thing that’s going to make me feel really confident and comfortable and that for me is something like a flat - a really chic black flat or a great black pump,” she said.

“A classic, staple item that’s chic, but at the end of the day still comfortable. You want to look your best, but you also want to feel your best. If you’re insecure about walking in heels that are too tall or you’re kind of nervous about something, that’s going to be in your head and you really just want to focus and feel good.”

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