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Karlie Kloss' early struggle with her confidence

Karlie Kloss' early struggle with her confidence

Karlie Kloss used to “fake” her confidence.

The American model began her career as a teenager after being scouted at a local fashion show in St. Louis, Missouri, and is now one of the most in-demand faces in the industry, hired by big names including Victoria's Secret and Nike.

Her occupation requires her to wear an array of outfits and pose or walk in front of countless people, which took some getting used to at the beginning.

“I faked that confidence before I truly had it,” she told Women’s Health. “If I didn’t have the support of my hometown friends and family, none of that would’ve been possible."

Fashion isn’t her only passion though, as Karlie is a keen technology and social media fanatic, hosting her own YouTube channel and running coding classes. She insists these ventures aren’t a means to change how models are perceived though as she’s simply accomplishing ambitions that have always stuck with her.

“Modelling gave me the chance to see and absorb, to learn, to keep dreaming bigger,” she explained. “That’s the main thing I try to tell all the girls out there. Why limit yourself?”

Karlie, 24, certainly has a huge fanbase of young females desperate to follow in her footsteps, with over seven million followers on Twitter and Instagram combined. The blonde beauty enjoys being able to interact with her fans and views them as friends, sharing her honest thoughts and feelings with them on a daily basis.

“You’ve got to be authentic to your voice and sharing your point of view,” she explained. “I use Snapchat to capture my day-to-day routines and what I’m experiencing at that moment. I try to take photos of moments that are special to me or highlight my day."

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