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Karlie Kloss can't stop picking spots

Karlie Kloss can't stop picking spots

Karlie Kloss can't stop picking her spots.

The 23-year-old model - who made her fashion breakthrough at 14 years old when she graced the cover of Scene Magazine - has admitted she needs to reel in her habit for popping zits, and is overly conscious about keeping her cosmetic products clean to prevent bacteria from growing that cause break outs.

Speaking to InStyle magazine about her beauty vices, the blonde beauty said: "I need to be good about not picking spots; it's just so tempting, though. You see a pimple ad want to get it out.

"[And] you have to be really careful about washing your brushes and towels to take care of your skin. I'm a bit of a germaphobe actually."

Karlie - who is currently dating with Joshua Kushner - has revealed her morning routine involves the bare minimum, which gives the impression she is not wearing any make-up.

She explained: "I reckon [I spend] seven minutes on beauty. And then maybe another seven on choosing my outfit.

"I really love sleep, so I tend to do whatever I can to get a lie-in. I like to keep it simple with just the right amount of 'un-make-up make-up' - some cover-up, a flick of mascara and a bit of cream blush and I'm usually out of the door."

However, the Chicago-born star - who won the Inspiring Woman of the Year award at this year's Elle Style Awards - takes tips from her best friend Taylor Swift and has begun to experiment with cosmetics, and in return Karlie influences the 'Bad Blood' hitmaker's fitness regime.

She said: "She's [Taylor] really good at doing her own make-up, so I've definitely picked up some good tips and products from her.

"Taylor can do a killer red pout. I love her signature beauty look: the classic lip and winged liner.

"I've probably helped her more with different ways to work out, like Pilates or strength training... we like to train together."