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Karl Lagerfeld wears his hair in a ponytail to bed

Karl Lagerfeld wears his hair in a ponytail to bed

Karl Lagerfeld always wears his hair in a ponytail, even to bed.

The 82-year-old German fashion designer, who is recognised for his signature sleek up do, black glasses and monochrome coloured style, has revealed he pins his tresses up to sleep, although it is positioned at a lower level for comfort.

Speaking to Harpers Bazaar online about whether he has his locks tied up for bed, the creative director of the luxury fashion house Chanel said: "Yes, I put it a little lower.

"You have to be impeccable--I was always told as a child by my mother that you always have to be impeccable, even when you go to bed."

Meanwhile the mogul - who showcased his Resort 2017 collection in Cuba last week, which was the first international fashion show on the Caribbean island in 50 years - has revealed he prefers to bath in the morning rather than at night.

Speaking about his daily routine, he said: "I don't take showers at night because I take a bath when I wake up. Then I go to bed on the most beautiful Egyptian-cotton antique sheets in the world.

"Mostly I stay at home from the morning until five pm, and I only go out for fittings and shoots because I work at home.

"I like to be alone."

Although Karl has claimed he is independent, he relies on others to bring him meals throughout the day.

He explained: "I do everything. I hate that. I don't like people to touch me.

"But there is no kitchen in my house. They bring me food, like at a hotel, for lunch and dinner."

And Karl, who boasts a career in the fashion industry spanning over four decades following the launch of his clothing line named after himself in 1974 - is surprised by his continuing success and has no plans to quit.

He confessed: "Everyone wants to know and hopes I retire so they can get the jobs. But my contracts with Fendi and Chanel are lifelong."