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Karl Lagerfeld: Technology is dangerous

Karl Lagerfeld: Technology is dangerous

Karl Lagerfeld keeps all his ideas in his head, as he believes technology is "dangerous".

The eccentric German designer has to keep plenty of brain space available, as he works as creative director for Chanel, Fendi and his eponymous line.

He would never resort to using a gadget for help though - that would be far too risky in his eyes.

“It’s dangerous to have stuff on the phone or my computer. I have nothing; everything is only in my head," he proudly told WWD.

It's no surprise Karl, 81, is bucking the trend for nifty devices, as he's always been known to go against the stream. That involves using fur in his designs, something he's criticised for often.

“I am against dialogue against furs. Do those people eat meat?" he queried.

"To be against it is easy. But who will pay for the unemployment of people losing their jobs if you don’t have to propose anything else? In some countries, hunting is the only means of survival.”

Fendi is a part of the LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton group but Karl assures fans he has no contract and likes the feeling of "freedom".

Being able to work on his own line also keeps him energised.

“I am a kind of cartoon but have nothing against it. I am not obsessed by youth, [but] I want to offer a less expensive product. I already do expensive products for Fendi and Chanel. Fendi is my vision of Italy and Chanel of France, with Lagerfeld, of myself," he explained.

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