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Karl Lagerfeld on designers who don't sketch: 'They just pretend they do it all'

Karl Lagerfeld on designers who don't sketch: 'They just pretend they do it all'

Karl Lagerfeld isn’t impressed by designers who are unable to sketch their ideas themselves.

The revered head of Chanel and Fendi, as well as his eponymous label, originally planned for a career in art before turning to fashion. He’s regularly able to use his drawing skills though, unlike some designers who turn to technology or others to create their ideas.

"I don’t do a computer, I don’t have a studio (with) 20 people sketching. I sketch myself everything and I’m pretty good at it because I wanted to become an illustrator at the beginning,” Karl told CNBC.

"Today it’s very different. First of all some of the younger designers are not that young. And also you know they are art directors - I’m not an art director - so they have people, and then they make a choice, and then they go out after the show and make believe they did it all. It’s the way every studio is organised today. But not mine."

Popstar turned designer Victoria Beckham has previously admitted to using a team of artists.

Lagerfeld was also frank when it came to how certain designers behave in the industry, and despite his stern exterior, the 83-year-old style legend says he’s nice to work with.

"I don’t give you names… but the list is not that short,” he said of his peers taking themselves too seriously.

"What I don’t like are designers who are fake intellectuals and who call themselves, ‘We are very intellectual.’ No, no, no. Dressmaking is dressmaking. Philosophy is philosophy but you don’t have to mix it. I’m easy to work with because I’m quite polite... some are not. They are nice (and) conserved for the outside."

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