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Karl Lagerfeld is a picture of perfection

Karl Lagerfeld is a picture of perfection

Karl Lagerfeld is an idealist in every area of his work, according to creative consultant Amanda Harlech.

The 82-year-old designer is one of the busiest people in the fashion industry, looking after Chanel, Fendi and his eponymous label as well as various collaborations. Amanda has been by the star's side since the '90s, giving her a close-up look at the way Karl works and his attention to detail.

"Before we do a cruise show, Karl is interested in everything about a place. He has this vision of what it could be like, and often it's quite an idealist's vision," she told Britain's The Times newspaper. "He may not go there before the show, but he has a very clear idea. He reads every book, watches every film.

"He designs every single piece. A whole outfit. His sketches are pretty much 100 per cent (accurate) - to the centimetre. In a fitting sometimes someone will say, 'Do you want the shoulders to go here? and he'll go, 'I'm sorry but if you look at my sketch it's there.'"

Amanda also discussed how the white-haired icon encourages enthusiasm from those he works with, expecting "110 per cent" from colleagues and employees. Those who aren't completely dedicated to the cause will be called out, as the businesswoman insists people can't be in a bad mood, tired or bored while in Karl's presence.

It isn't all serious though, as model Stella Tennant, who has walked for the designer on countless occasions, shared the fun side of things.

"Karl is able to laugh at himself," she smiled. "That is what makes him such a powerful force in fashion."

British hairdresser Sam McKnight has collaborated with Karl for his Chanel shows since 2009 and has nothing but praise for the legendary A-lister.

"He's phenomenally intelligent," Sam gushed. "He's incredibly well stocked in the reference department. I mean, you have to get away and go on Google. But he is also lovely and charming to everyone. all the assistants, he comes and says hello and goodbye to, and thank you. You don't get that often."

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