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Karl Lagerfeld: Hard work is the norm

Karl Lagerfeld: Hard work is the norm

Karl Lagerfeld hates designers who take money to do a contract then claim it’s too much.

The German designer helms three different labels, Chanel, Fendi and his own. While Karl enjoys moving between his various projects, he thinks it’s strange when his peers complain about doing the same.

“If you think it’s too many, you don’t take those contracts,” he told Britain’s Vogue magazine. “You know, I hate the designers who take the money then go, ‘It’s too much!’ For me, it’s normal. But I’m not normal so I don’t know. I like to do it. I don’t have to force myself.”

When he isn’t busy preparing his fashion shows for all three brands, Karl enjoys nothing more than some downtime. Despite having many famous friends, he prefers a bit of solitude when he gets the chance.

“I love to be alone,” he continued. “If you are sick and old with no money then it must be hard, but in my case it is the height of luxury to be alone.”

Karl’s achievements in fashion are more impressive given that he’s 82. Regardless of his advancing years the designer has never felt better, putting it down to leading a healthy lifestyle even when surrounded by the excess and extravagance of the fashion world.

“I think I’m lazy and could do more, and better,” he said. “But you know, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I have never taken drugs. It’s something I don’t need or I don’t want. I wouldn’t say that I have always watched other people but in a way I have always been apart.

“In the '60s and '70s if you were not drinking and smoking and taking drugs it was difficult. But I was never part of anything. I like the idea that I was behind a glass wall that was protecting me.”

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