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Karl Lagerfeld: Choupette is like Garbo

Karl Lagerfeld: Choupette is like Garbo

Karl Lagerfeld says Choupette is the “Garbo of cats”.

The Chanel designer has made no secret of his affection for his pampered feline, and the pair are often spotted out and about together. Karl even devoted an entire cat collection to his beloved pet and has now compared the white kitty to Hollywood icon Greta Garbo.

“I am not the most important person in my house,” he told the New York Times newspaper. “I think Choupette made me a better person - less selfish. I don’t want her to work but she had an offer from the Japanese and it was a massive success. In one trashy French paper they asked the reader, ‘Are you shocked that a cat can make so much money?’ Eighty-two percent were shocked, so I sent the editor a letter saying I was sorry to find that 82 percent of their readers were envious people. What can I say? She is the Garbo of cats.”

During the interview, Karl proudly shared a series of photographs of Choupette, who stuns with her sapphire eyes and snow white coat. Another important presence in the designer’s life was his mother, who was a big believer in championing women's rights. She wasn’t always so positive when she addressed her son and Karl continues to challenge himself now.

“My mother used to say to me, ‘Your nose is like a potato. And I think I should order curtains for the nostrils!’" Karl recalled. "She would also say, ‘You look like me, but not as good.’ I always have the feeling I could do better. I always feel I am behind a glass wall that I cannot break to get through to what I want... “I am satisfied with a lot of things but not with myself.”

The 82-year-old creative director continues to test himself both professionally and personally. Karl encourages people to dream big and set yourself goals, whether they involve your career, relationships or your wardrobe.

“If you don’t daydream your life is a nightmare,” he reasoned. “Those women in Seoul were like the girls I grew up with. They just wanted a lipstick that could make them feel they might belong in a bigger town.

“Luxury is something very few people have. And to buy a handbag is to have a dream of getting nearer. That’s our culture and tons of people - me included - make a lot of money from it.”

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