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Kaia Gerber's make-up highs and lows

Kaia Gerber's make-up highs and lows

Kaia Gerber keeps her make-up minimal for school.

The 14-year-old may still be studying, but she’s also embarking on a high-fashion modelling career. As the daughter of Cindy Crawford, she definitely has a head start when it comes to style. However, despite being comfortable in heavy make-up on shoots, Kaia prefers to keep it low-key day-to-day.

“When I’m getting ready for school, I’ll use concealer where I need to or I’ll curl my eyelashes, but I try to stick with minimal make-up on the daily,” Kaia told Teen Vogue. “It makes going all out for a special occasion so much more exciting.”

For an easy way to take her look from day to night, Kaia simply adds a slick of liquid eyeliner.

“I love doing a cat eye but I haven’t really mastered it, no matter how many YouTube tutorials I watch,” she confessed.

For the accompanying photoshoot inTeen Vogue, Kaia stuns in a variety of designer garments, including pieces by J.W. Anderson, Erdem and Gucci.

To match a floral J.W. Anderson design, Kaia sports blue eyeshadow. It’s a look she’s tried before, with less success.

“When I was little, I adored blue eyeshadow,” she recalled. “Of course, I had no idea how to do make-up but I would cake on blue shadow regardless. I look back at photos now and ask, ‘Mom, why did you do this?’ (Her response): ‘I didn’t. It was all you!’”

Cindy may have let Kaia make her own cosmetics mistakes, but she’s always been on hand to guide her daughter’s modelling career.

“She told me that she would support me regardless of what I decided, but I’m so glad that I actually got to be a kid before having to grow up,” Kaia smiled. “My mom knows best about this kind of thing.”

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