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Justin O'Shea toured with Metallica after Brioni exit

Justin O'Shea toured with Metallica after Brioni exit

Justin O’Shea went on tour with Metallica after his sudden exit from Brioni earlier this year (16).

The fashion star was mysteriously dropped as creative director of the Italian label in October (16) just six months after he was hired.

In his first interview since his departure, O’Shea didn't divulge on why he was let go, but he did reveal he received support from the rock band, who he cast in a Brioni campaign this summer (16).

"When (Metallica) found out about (my leaving) Brioni, they were like, 'We’re on your side – come on tour with us.' So I beelined it over to Central America and have been on tour with Metallica, chilling out and travelling around," O’Shea told The Australian of joining the group’s WorldWired Tour.

"They are the biggest rock band in the universe. I’m happy to talk about their stuff and be in the entourage. I’m finding it very peaceful."

Despite designing just one collection at the label, O’Shea describes his time there as the "greatest six months" of his life. He loved being able to create garments he had only dreamed of before.

He isn’t bitter about the departure though, noting: "Things come and things go. It’s better to have six months and go up in flames than six years and go down in smoke. No-one wants to be remembered for that.

"If you get no shockwaves, then it means you’re not really doing anything great. Then people wouldn’t give a f**k."

The selection of Australian-born O’Shea to helm the brand was certainly an unconventional move for Brioni, considering he has no formal training or experience as a designer, and had previously worked as the global fashion director of Munich-based luxury online retailer MyTheresa.

There’s been plenty of rumours flying around about why he left, some of which the dapper businessman - who recently picked up GQ's Man of Style award - can’t help but find amusing.

"It’s quite funny hearing different people’s ideas. Someone thought I’d punched the CEO in the head. That would have been a good story. But I didn’t," he quipped.

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