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Justin and Jaxon Bieber's matching hairstyles

Justin and Jaxon Bieber's matching hairstyles

Justin Bieber's little brother wanted the same hairstyle as the star for the Grammy Awards.

The 21-year-old singer brought Jaxon, six, with him to the awards ceremony in Los Angeles earlier this week and the youngster asked Justin's hairdresser to give him the same style as his older brother.

Justin's hairstylist Florido told PEOPLE: "Jaxon let me play with his hair - he was super excited to go on the carpet. I brushed it out, applied a little wave spray, and let it do its thing. He wanted to wear it down, just like his brother."

Justin has been keen to experiment with his own hairstyle recently and Florido insists that he wants to keep changing it up.

He said: "He's been experimenting with a lot of different things, but for the longest time he's wanted a topknot. Sometimes he'll put it up in a ponytail. I'm excited to see where this goes. I had no idea he'd even want to grow his hair out this long!

"No one ever thought he'd get over his side swoop! It was short on the sides and a flip in the front ... We're definitely not going back in time."