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Julie de Libran: Flats pack a punch

Julie de Libran: Flats pack a punch

Sonia Rykiel's Julie de Libran advises wearing flats if you want to look tough.

The designer became artistic director of the French fashion house in May 2014 and feels it fits her vibe very well. That is classic pieces with a twist, with Julie happy to open up about her style rules.

"If you are wearing a major piece, denim keeps it real,” she told Net-A-Porter's The Edit.

"I don’t obsess about ‘rules’, but if I wear a statement piece, I keep the rest simple. I’ve always worn heels, but I like the attitude of a flat – it’s a bit tougher, very Parisian."

Julie also chatted about the kind of woman who wears pieces from the label. The company is famed for its fun pieces, such as dresses with hidden openings in the back so men can stroke their partners' backs.

That's something which the designer wants to keep alive at the company, and she sees the ladies she dresses for as stylish but not too self aware.

"A Rykiel woman looks in the mirror playfully,” she said. “What she sees is glamorous but also joyful and surprising.”

The character also follows her passion but is very unique, so she accepts her differences and doesn't try to hide them. She also isn't that interested in trends or wearing what others expect, so most of her wardrobe is personalised to be perfect for her ideal.

For Julie the devil is in the detail, which is why she famously hand wrote thank you cards and gave them to those who attended her first show.

"I did that because it felt natural,” she explained. “It’s good manners. When you invite people to your home, you thank them for coming.”

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