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Jourdan Dunn doesn't skip on skincare

Jourdan Dunn doesn't skip on skincare

Jourdan Dunn has become obsessed with an eight-step beauty routine.

Over the last few years, Asian skincare advances have become popular all over the world. One of those sees people using many different products on their faces in the morning and at night, a regime the British model is a huge fan of.

"I have an eight-step routine. I went to Tokyo and was obsessed with how great Japanese skin is and what they do to look after it. So now I do a pre-cleansing oil, then a foaming cleanser, two toners, then two serums, an eye cream and a moisturiser," she told British magazine Hello!

"The women in my family have really beautiful skin, so even from a very young age, when I wasn't into make-up, I was into taking care of my skin. Now I've got my mum hooked, too - she joked recently that I could never give up modelling because we need to be able to buy our Crème de la Mer."

As well as taking care of her face, Jourdan has to be careful with her hair. She's admitted in the past that sometimes stylists ignore her backstage at shows because they aren't trained in her locks, and so don't try for fear of making a mistake.

Some do give it a go though, not always with great results. Because of this, Jourdan's hairstylist Renda Attia gave her a stark warning.

"My hair has been so damaged with heat and styling because most hairdressers still do not know what to do with Afro hair. So last year Renda said to me, 'You need to give your hair a break and start wearing wigs.' I mean, I had no hair around my hairline - it was like baby hair, it was so damaged," she admitted. "So I've been wearing wigs and having them changed every month, having lots of conditioning treatments and, finally, my hair is growing back."

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