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Jourdan Dunn: 8 things you didn't know

Jourdan Dunn: 8 things you didn't know

The British Fashion Awards took place on Monday (23Nov15), where Jourdan Dunn was crowned Model of the Year. The 25-year-old star has worked with the likes of Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Valentino, and counts fellow stars such as Naomi Campbell among her friends. She's also a rare thing in the modelling world: a woman who has no problem speaking her mind. Here we take a look at eight surprising things about the model of the moment.

1. Jourdan discovered she was pregnant at 18

The star has openly admitted she became a mother to her son Riley before she expected she would, and she found out she was pregnant at Heathrow Airport in London, UK, just before she jetted on holiday.

"I didn't know how to feel, I just knew I had to deal with the situation," she admitted. "Telling my mum was the hardest thing. She didn't want me to go through her struggle."

Jourdan's mother Dee has helped look after Riley, with the model admitting they were so close that she was initially a little jealous of their relationship. The little boy has sickle-cell anaemia and Jourdan works to raise awareness of the condition.

2. She was discovered while shopping - but didn't want to model

Jourdan was in budget UK retailer Primark in Hammersmith, London, when she was scouted at 15. She initially had big reservations about the industry and had to be convinced to give it a go.

"I was always being told, but I just didn't want to hear it - I don't want to be a model, what the hell does a model do?!" she exclaimed in an interview with The Cut.

3. That said, she didn't want an average job either

"It's going to sound weird, but growing up I always knew for a fact that I wasn't going to have a normal nine-to-five job," she previously confessed to the British edition of Hello! magazine. "I was like, 'No, I'm not going to do that - I just don't see it happening for me.' I didn't know I'd be a model, but I knew it would be something more interesting."

4. Jourdan works hard for her glowing complexion, with a dedicated eight-step beauty routine

She is renowned for her perfect skin, but it doesn't come easily. After spending time in Tokyo she became interested in Korean beauty regimes and now goes through eight steps morning and night.

"(It) is kind of intense," she laughed to Harper's Bazaar UK. "Every morning and night I take the time out – I’d say a good half an hour – to prep my skin. I swear by a good sheet mask. My favorite is SK-II."

5. The star campaigns for more diversity in fashion

Along with Naomi Campbell, Jourdan is a big advocate for designers using women from different races in their campaigns and shows. She's spoken out about how disappointing the lack of models of colour on the runway is, and has been open about some of the difficulties she's experienced because of her race.

"Despite the fact that it's 2015, there've been times where I've walked backstage at a catwalk show and hairstylists who are available (to prepare models for the show) turn their heads and act like they're busy," she told Stylist magazine. "It feel s**t to be the girl that they avoid but it's because they aren't used to working with Afro hair, so they either don't understand it or are afraid of dealing with it."

6. And she has big plans for the future - including on the silver screen

Jourdan has already lent her talents to designing having planned a clothing line for children and young people, but she's not stopping there. She's admitted playing a Bond Girl is one of her biggest ambitions, and she'd also love to try her chops at comedy.

7. Things weren't always so positive though, as she used to struggle with body image issues

She first walked at New York Fashion Week in 2007, but even then she didn't feel particularly confident.

"I was very tall and lanky and I wasn't really feeling myself when I was growing up at all. Especially because, coming from a Caribbean background, curves are celebrated and me being really tall and skinny wouldn't (be). So I was like... didn't want to go out or be seen or anything," she previously sighed to

In fact, during that first trip to the Big Apple she spent most of her time crying on her phone to her mum.

8. Things got better, and she can now count Naomi Campbell as a friend

The two models have worked for Burberry together and it's Naomi who gave Jourdan the best piece of fashion advice ever: take snacks on shoots.

"(It's) in case they forget to feed you," she laughed. "It’s proved helpful more than once."

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