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Jonathan Saunders respects Diane von Furstenberg's 'strong voice'

Jonathan Saunders respects Diane von Furstenberg's 'strong voice'

Jonathan Saunders has always respected his boss Diane von Furstenberg's appreciation of women.

The Scottish designer was named as the first-ever chief creative officer of the designer's namesake label in May 2016, not long after he shuttered his own eponymous brand.

Over the last year, Saunders has made his mark at DVF, and he continues to be in awe of label founder Furstenberg.

"What I've always respected about Diane is two things. One is her understanding of and appreciation for women," he shared with Matches Fashion. "She stands for a lot of things, she has a very strong voice and she talks about fashion from a consumers' perspective, which I think is really refreshing.

"She also talks a lot about the moment when she founded the company. The clothes were easy and effortless but also had imagination. There was creativity involved because of the types of textiles, but they had a kind of effortless pragmatism, which is the reason for her founding the company."

Saunders has previously spoken about how he is making it his mission to modernise the clothes at DVF and talked to Matches about how the use of colour in fine art, painting, sculpture and product design intrigue and inspire him.

His new home in New York City has also captured Saunders' attention.

"The diversity in NYC is fascinating," he mused. "It's quite a small area with the most abundant diversity within cultural references, creativity, people, nationalities, background... It creates something that feels spontaneous. It's an amazing city that balances creativity and commercialism. Everybody wants to achieve here, everybody wants to do things, no one ever switches off, and that is fascinating for me. It's exciting because I love to work, so as long as I get to escape back to London often enough for my British sense of humour, then I'm fine."

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