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Jonathan Anderson: Why I won't wear my clothes

Jonathan Anderson: Why I won't wear my clothes

Jonathan Anderson doesn't wear his own clothes because by the time he's finished designing, he's fed up of them.

The fashion star is creative director of Loewe and also runs his eponymous brand J. W. Anderson. While he pours hours into making his trademark androgynous looks he keeps his own style very simple, often rocking jeans and a T-shirt.

"I used to wear my own clothes," he assured Germany's Glamour magazine. "But by now it's a bit like cooking for guests: by the time the food is served, you're no longer hungry."

Jonathan makes pieces that work for both men and women, saying the only reason he has separate male and female sections on his page is that the sizing is so different. Androgynous fashion is becoming more and more mainstream, but Jonathan thinks it will be some time before there is no distinction between men- and womenswear.

"It won't be within the next 10 years," he stated. "It's a long process. But especially the younger generation are a lot freer and more experimental with fashion than older people were at their age."

Jonathan has always played with gender. When he was a teenager, he'd often buy his sweaters and trousers in the women's section, simply because they fit him better.

"It didn't bother anyone, quite the opposite," he smiled. "Being a fashion person is more relevant than ever these days. A big part of that is not being typically masculine or feminine, but finding your own personality."

The designer believes it's all down to social media, which allows people to connect with their peers in new ways. Growing up on a small farm, Jonathan never thought he'd be one of those fashion people.

"I keep asking myself how I got here," he mused. "Maybe because it seemed so farfetched. I actually wanted to be a vet, because of all the ducks and chickens on our farm. Everything was so small back then, it encouraged me to think big."

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