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Jonathan Anderson talks 80s obsession

Jonathan Anderson talks 80s obsession

Jonathan Anderson thinks fashion has an "odd relationship" with the 80s.

Designers have long loved going back to bygone eras to inspire contemporary collections, with the creative director of Loewe, who also helms his namesake label, previously concentrating on the 60s and 70s.

But it was the decade after that that really offered him fashionable food for thought.

“I fell in love with that moment,” he gushed to WWD. “We have such a really odd relationship with the 80s, because it was this moment when we became so excessive. But in fashion, as much as we have stigmas to it, there was a lot of groundbreaking, like Comme des Garçons looking at things in a very different way. The cuts and the shapes are extremely interesting.”

His love of the decade was made obvious in his Autumn/Winter 15 Loewe collection, which was bursting with leather bombers, oversized sunglasses and futuristic silver pieces.

It's the "nostalgia" that interests Jonathan and the idea that fashion "consumes itself".

In general, the style star seems desperate to move away from the current state of the industry.

“Fashion has shafted itself into this awful position,” he sighed. “We work bottom line, but we don’t realise to get to bottom line we need to have ideas. I think we have forgotten how to excite each other; we need competition with each other, we need things that are wrong.”

Jonathan had the difficult task of making Loewe current, managing to freshen up a brand that started in 1846. However, the history doesn't put him off.

“I love that Loewe has a museum. I love to revere it and dream about the time that you were on a boat and you were extremely wealthy and you have a full-length gown and an umbrella and a small dog,” he grinned. “It’s great, but my sister gets on an easyJet flight and she needs a bag that she can cram into it so she doesn’t have to pay extra. She needs it to fit a weekend’s amount of clothing. I feel that was my initial response to the brand. How does it operate right now?”

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