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Jonathan Anderson: My life isn't that glam

Jonathan Anderson: My life isn't that glam

Designer Jonathan Anderson insists he's a lot more low-key than people may think, as he doesn't mix work with pleasure.

The Northern Irish fashion star keeps himself busy helming his label J. W. Anderson and as creative director of brand Loewe. Amid his hectic schedule Jonathan makes sure he enjoys some downtime, usually consisting of a quiet evening indulging in treats.

"I live in a hotel in Paris, so I'm out all the time there, but in London I try to have more of a balance," he told "I'm more low-key than people probably think I am. I have my fashion life and my personal life. Most nights I'm just at home - I kind of shut myself indoors. I like red wine; occasionally I'll have a glass, or a bottle.

"I might have a treat at home at night. I'm a huge fan of chocolate in any form, especially Cadbury or a fondant. Anything hot and chocolaty. I watch a lot of films and a lot of Netflix."

His career is worlds away from his relaxing nights in, with Jonathan beginning his day at 6am with an espresso straight up. With three iPhones on him at all times - one for each of his labels and a personal mobile - Jonathan is in constant contact with those working for him. He deliberately avoids looking at them while at home in order to wind down.

The workload only increases when he reaches the office, where he first catches up with his assistant. "I get about 200 emails across both brands and have two different people filter through them," he explained. "I'm more of a phone person, so if I receive an email I'd rather respond by just picking up the phone. I'm on the phone a lot."

Although Jonathan has tried to be stricter about leaving the office at a decent time, he has noticed recently that the hour has been getting later and later. Sometimes he even departs around 11pm, but when he does have an evening free he sometimes enjoys going out for dinner with friends.

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