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Jonathan Anderson: I rocked neon in the 90s

Jonathan Anderson: I rocked neon in the 90s

Jonathan Anderson wonders whether wearing neon cycling shorts on a daily basis in the 90s was the best move.

The designer helms his J. W. Anderson label and is also creative director of Loewe. He's worked for Versace Versus in the past too, but isn't above committing the odd crime against fashion over the years.

"Maybe when I was younger... my brother and I used to wear neon cycling shorts. Daily. We’d wear them with a very oversized T-shirt and Air Jordan’s. The 90s were not kind to me!" he laughed to

He might look back on that period and giggle, but that doesn't mean Jonathan wishes things had been different. The designer is firmly against lamenting past decisions, something which has stood him in good stead when it comes to his fashion career.

"I never regret anything I do, when I show a collection, that’s it; it’s done; I don’t regret it. I never go back. I always think that if you do something, it's for a reason, it could be a good reason, it could be a bad reason. I think it’s all part of defining who you are," he explained.

This attitude of tackling life full throttle is why Jonathan likes to grab any opportunity that comes his way. He's recently created a bespoke bottle for Diet Coke - a gig Jean Paul Gaultier had in the past - which he loved because is allowed him to put his stamp on an "iconic pop culture reference".

Jonathan enjoys buying pretty things as much as he does creating them - although he does occasionally make a bad choice.

"God, there’s so many stupid things [that I've bought]!" he laughed. "I buy things and then get bored of them very quickly. I bought a microwave and that really bothers me because it’s so ugly. It’s just hiding in my cupboard. I just eat at restaurants instead."

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