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Jonathan Anderson: I gave Loewe fashion history

Jonathan Anderson: I gave Loewe fashion history

Jonathan Anderson worked hard to make people believe Loewe was always about fashion.

The designer was named creative director of the brand in 2013, tasked with transforming the label, which was predominantly known for its leather.

It meant Jonathan had to get imaginative and create a bit of smoke and mirrors to make his apparel seem natural for Loewe.

"We’re not a Dior. We have to use our resources differently. It’s a new brand and that’s the way I look at it. Yes it’s got 200 years of history but..." he explained to

“Loewe had to fundamentally get a fashion culture overnight.

“We had to make people believe that this brand had fashion before.”

The designer also has a namesake label and his career suits him down to a tee. That's despite growing up with a rugby player dad and a generally sports-mad family.

“I was very into swimming, but I was never into contact sports,” he reasoned. “I think it was because I knew I wasn’t going to get damaged.”

Jonathan likes to toy with the idea of fashion imagery and whether people "own it" or not. He's often been criticised for referencing other people's work in his own, but it doesn't bother him.

“I’m very open about this, because I’m comfortable with it: everyone has their place, and I am an editor. I am a creative director. I’m about getting a bunch of people and trying to produce this one vision. I’m not going to tell you what it’s going to be because I want you to challenge me," he argued.

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