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Jonathan Anderson: Fashion is beauty, not art

Jonathan Anderson: Fashion is beauty, not art

Jonathan Anderson says clothes can never be art.

The ready-to-wear designer is known for his androgynous aesthetic. And during the unveiling of his latest resort collection, he discussed what the point of fashion was.

"Clothes can never be art," he said firmly, according to British newspaper The Daily Telegraph, "because we've created a culture where they're extremely disposable. But they can contribute to a beautiful life".

As for his latest collection, it featured bright colours and clashing prints. One standout shirt dress boasted a spot print, black and white on the arms and collar while the skirt featured white and pale blue dots, which also appeared on a breast pocket.

Another statement outfit was a multicoloured striped dress. The high neck, knee-length garment featured horizontal stripes across the chest and arms, and vertical stripes from the waist down. The bold pink, purple, black, green and yellow colours stood out while completing the unusual garment were large cut outs around the elbows.

Double denim also featured, with one model wearing a knee-length skirt with an unusual folded detail at the waist which was coupled with a matching jacket with statement breast pocket detail.

White and tan colours were contrasted in a number of outfits too. With one model wearing a high-waisted white skirt with flared hem and a blouse which featured lantern shaped sleeves and a tan floral pattern on the body.

Accessories also leaned towards the quirky too, with a lot of the models wearing unusual knee-high shoes which featured a cut out at the ankle and some also had ruffled detail up the sides.

The designer's new range of clutch bags also provoked comments from the small audience, who questioned exactly what its use was.

"I like the way it could almost be a toy and you want to play with it," he said, as he proceeded to do so.

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