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Jonathan Anderson: 'All designers cheat'

Jonathan Anderson: 'All designers cheat'

Jonathan Anderson believes designers have it easy because they can "cheat" and "recycle" fashion.

As the creative director of Loewe and his J.W. Anderson label, the designer has his hands full. While he's been compared to an artist in the past, he argues it would be a much tougher industry than the one he is in.

"I have vast admiration for all artists," he told Numéro. "Because the creation of fashion is extremely ephemeral, the only way for me to escape this is by collaborating with artists. Creating a new form is really difficult for an artist because it’s so easy to immediately trace its genealogy. Whereas fashion designers can cheat and recycle shapes: fashion is a system which generates a constant recycling which generates forgetfulness. Fashion just eats itself."

Jonathan launched his label in 2008 and in 2013 was named head of Loewe designs. While it's been a fast ride to fashion fame, he tries to stay grounded.

"I always say to myself, 'It’s only fashion,'" he explained. "And sometimes success happens so fast you don’t have time to fully realise it. Suddenly I found myself in charge of two creative teams, that of my own brand and that of Loewe. In a situation like that, your time no longer belongs to you, and the reality of the everyday workload helps keep you firmly grounded. Everyone’s saying how quickly things have happened for me, but I did my first men’s ready-to-wear collection nine years ago, so I haven’t stopped working for almost a decade. But it’s true I was very lucky that LVMH wanted to invest in my brand, to take that risk, and then to give me the post of creative director at Loewe."

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