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John Simons: Smart clothes stand test of time

John Simons: Smart clothes stand test of time

John Simons believes his brand stands the test of time.

The designer is known for classic pieces such as tweed jackets and brogues and has a career that has spanned over six decades.

At 76 he still dons the same gear as what he did at 15, the age he began his first enterprise Far Out Tailoring.

"Dressing smart is a lifetime habit," he told British newspaper The Independent. "It also confirms my belief in the clothes we've sold – they've stood the test of time.

"I feel very young and in touch, and still wake up with new ideas. I've always been able to sense the unspoken needs of a generation."

While his creations have remained steady over the years, John has noticed a change in fashion and is pleased the "average look" has improved with time.

When John was 16 he landed the role of assistant window dresser at menswear store Cecil Gee in London, UK. However he was allowed two days off a week to study at St Martin's School of Art.

"I did the Distributive Trades course. I learnt a hell of a lot about window-dressing but also about art. It taught you the Bauhaus principles, the golden mean, symmetrical and asymmetrical balance," he recalled.

Luckily for the fashion star he grew up with a knowledge of clothing, as his dad and uncles were tailors. His first proper taste of the craft was when he had a custom-made shirt created for his Bar Mitzvah when he was 13, made by Ron Hitchens.

"I was the first person I knew to stop wearing a Windsor knot and start wearing a little single knot," he grinned.

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