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Joe Zee shares career advice

Joe Zee shares career advice

Joe Zee urges people to reach out to those who inspire them when starting out in their career.

The Hong Kong-born Canadian stylist has plenty of fashion experience under his belt having previously worked for the likes of Elle, Allure and Old Navy.

He currently holds the editor-in-chief position at Yahoo Style and while he may now have found his feet in the world of fashion, Joe had to be persistent when first starting out.

"I finished school in 1992 and I remember getting all my favourite magazines and looking through all the mastheads and literally writing letters to everybody whose work I admired. I remember writing them and, you know, not being a pest because I understand not everybody is going to respond, but I wrote them from a very genuine place so it wasn’t a generic cover letter," he shared of his career advice as part of a monthly meet up series for

"It wasn’t like, 'I need this job from you,' but it was, 'I just want to write you because I really liked that story and you inspire me to do this, and I thought that was really great and I’m graduating and I love to...' - and all those things."

Joe feels he was able to connect with people better through this method, revealing he got 16 interviews from sending out around 17 letters.

Another valuable tip the style star shared was never to take no for an answer. He views himself as a "master problem solver" and thinks if you're keen enough, you're bound to find a way of achieving your goals.

"I’m always like, 'Okay, how do we figure this out?' There are so many ways into a room, not just through the door that you think you see. If you tell me no, I’m going to find a way in and I'll still get there. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but we’ll get there," he added.

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