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Jodie Kidd recalls anorexia insults

Jodie Kidd recalls anorexia insults

Jodie Kidd was protected from anorexic jibes by her family and friends.

The British model shot to fame in the 90s, and was known as one of the fashion stars rocking the 'heroin chic' aesthetic that was the decade's most in demand look.

While her waif frame was a hit on the world's runways, members of the public accused her of setting a terrible example to young fans.

"I was protected by the people around me, and by my family, because they knew I wasn’t bloody anorexic," Jodie told MailOnline.

"I went from having a very sporty physique - like I am now - to doing nothing. If I didn’t do any sport now, I’d lose muscle and be the same long, gangly, bony thing. I’d spent my childhood running, riding, swimming, and was strong and fit. In modelling, I just sat on aeroplanes. So yeah, I obviously got skinny."

Her slender look was a favourite among designers like John Galliano, Alexander McQueen and Chanel. She landed cover after cover of fashion magazines and became one of the biggest models of the day.

Looking back now, 36-year-old Jodie can't believe how well she took the criticism.

"[The hate campaigns were] tougher on my parents. Now I’d be immensely hurt, but I was young then," she mused.

"I said: 'Oh, tell them all to f**k off.' And that’s the right attitude: water off a duck’s back. From Stella Tennant to Kate [Moss] to me, it was the skinny look.

"But I wasn’t looking after myself. I wasn’t eating properly. I was flying everywhere. Doing long, tedious shoots until 4am, then out the door at 6am for the next one."

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