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Joan Smalls takes the easy route with accessorising

Joan Smalls takes the easy route with accessorising

Model Joan Smalls is awful at accessorising, which is why she designed jeans with in-built details for True Religion.

The fashion star's second collection for the denim label is hot off the press, consisting largely of skinnies and one pair of flares.

She's added a touch of something special by ensuring her designs are so intricate, there's no need to dress them up with jewellery.

"I took inspiration from things that I was shopping for, and what I was always looking for," she explained to Racked.

"I like clothes that have a detail; like if it's a shirt, does it have leather accent or a zipper - something that stands out?

"I'm bad at accessorising like with belts and stuff, so I built them in. Like, this pair of black jeans has a zipper at the waist that looks like a belt."

Joan, 27, has become something of a design pro now she's on her second collection. This time she felt there was more time to create a "theme", adding communication was key to the process running smoothly.

Alongside designing, Joan continues to hit the runway and walked for the likes of Bottega Veneta and Versace during Milan Fashion Week in September (15). It gave the model a chance to reflect on how fashion is changing.

"Information is given to you so much more quickly, especially with social media," she said. "You see things happen as they're happening instead of having to wait out the secrecy. That's the biggest change to the industry.

"Personally, the relationships I have within the industry have changed so much. In the beginning, it was you're an employer and I'm a model. After working with the same people so many times and travelling the world with them, there is this bond, this family connection."

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