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Joan Smalls gets lippy for Estée Lauder

Joan Smalls gets lippy for Estée Lauder

Joan Smalls dreamed up the idea for a lipstick collection when everyone copied her Met Gala look.

The model caused a frenzy last year when she hit the red carpet with deep violet lips. Now she's launching a 12-piece lipstick line with Estée Lauder, giving fans the chance to channel her bold style.

“I started seeing people tag me after the Met Gala,” she explained to “I was like, ‘This is so cool. People are really reacting to it in a very positive way.’ ”

Joan describes herself as "hands-on" with the venture, adding that texture is one of the key things. She'll only get behind products that are creamy, as she can't stand it when lippies feel dry and flaky.

Her personality really comes through in the colours she's picked, which include effervescent pink Neon Azalea and the Commanding shade, which is a black cherry pigment.

Of course there are some statement purples, too: Extrovert is an eggplant shade, while Shameless Violet is very similar to her Met Gala colour.

And the 27-year-old assures you don't need to be a model to rock the look - confidence is enough.

“It’s all about self-expression. Just go with your heart and your mood. If you don’t want to go as bold, pat it down with a tissue and use it as a tint,” was her tip. “Baby steps.

“You shouldn’t have certain rules or restrictions. It’s like painting: You have to have fun with it!”

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