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Joan Smalls: Boy clothes look cool

Joan Smalls: Boy clothes look cool

Joan Smalls wears her boyfriend's sweaters as she prefers the way they fit.

The 26-year-old model has been dating entrepreneur Bernard Smith since 2011 and the pair are often spotted making a statement on the sidewalks during outings.

It seems Joan loves more than just her beau's looks and personality, as she can't resist wearing his clothes whenever she can.

“I wear a lot of sweatshirts, and I tend to use my boyfriend's sweatshirts a lot because I like the way they fit and how they fall," she smiled to

Joan has channelled her style knowledge into a denim collaboration with True Religion. The line boasts pieces such as leggings, high-waisted briefs and sweatshirts of the cropped variety - an item which the fashion star is especially pleased with.

“I wear crop tops, as well, so I was thinking it would be cool to marry both of them - you know, you kind of stay warm while showing your midriff. It's a little bit of boyish sexy," she said of the designs.

She recommends choosing a grey hue if wearing this piece as the shade is easy to pair with all colours.

Another personal touch to the cropped top is the word Sueña printed in fancy italic print on the front. It means 'dream' in Spanish, reflecting her desire to design coming true.

Joan has made sure her range offers clothing which is "timeless and classic" so customers can wear them all year round. She was happy to share another of her dressing tips too.

“If I'm going to be all day outside, I'd wear these [satin leggings] with really cool sneakers, or if I want to go out at night for dinner, I'd probably put on high heels. You can change your complete outfit just by changing your accessories," she shared.

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