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Jimmy Choo's shoe rules

Jimmy Choo's shoe rules

Jimmy Choo has advised all women to have their shoes custom made.

The famed footwear designer has given his top five rules for shoes, but some are easier to stick to than others. According to Jimmy, the key to being able to last in a pair of heels is getting a bespoke version - although his service costs $5,400.

"Most women have one foot bigger than the other so to get the perfect pair of shoes, you have to get them made especially for you," he explained to

While Jimmy's fellow designer Manolo Blahnik hates platform shoes, which he has said on many occasions, Jimmy is a fan. He believes having a half-inch cushion at the sole makes footwear much more comfortable, therefore women will be able to walk in them easier.

He also has some advice about the height women should opt for in heels.

"A four-inch heel [10.16cm] is the perfect size - comfortable but sexy and feminine," he said.

And should you be in any quandary about where to start when planning an outfit, Jimmy suggests sorting your shoes every time. According to the designer, when you get that little detail right everything else will follow.

"The right shoes can make everything different," he said.

"Shoes are important. They represent a woman's style."

The Jimmy Choo brand also launched the career of Tamara Mellon, who helped set up the label. She left in 2011 and set up her own brand two years later, but is currently embroiled in legal wranglings with the fashion house. She has accused it of stopping her adding to the leather goods line in her namesake label by stopping her having access to factories.

It's not all bad news for Tamara though, as she's just announced Tania Spinelli is joining her as chief design officer.

"She has a great design sense and extensive technical knowledge," she told WWD, adding Tania will oversee shoe creation.

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