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Jimmy Choo's awards show special

Jimmy Choo's awards show special

Jimmy Choo's creative director Sandra Choi always has awards season shoes on her mind.

The shoe brand is a favourite among the A-list, and it creates an annual footwear collection for stars to wear on the red carpet.

While most consider awards season to be over after the Oscars, Sandra reveals that's not quite the case at Jimmy Choo.

"Awards season is still in full flow for us with Cannes just over a month away. We haven’t started to think about the 2016 awards collection yet, as I am finalising our Cruise mainline collection right now. But we'll be thinking about it soon!" she smiled to The Hollywood Reporter.

Miranda Kerr, Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Chastain are just a few of the stars who rocked Jimmy Choo shoes at the Academy Awards.

Creating the perfect shoes for Hollywood's elite means extensive research by Sandra and her team. The designs are originals but some make it into the mainline collection later on in the year.

"We create the awards season collection every year, paying close attention to what's proved popular in previous seasons, feedback from stylists and trends on and off the red carpet. It's a slightly different approach than designing for the seasonal fashion collections where the emphasis is on statement trends; I have simple, elegant and graceful designs in mind for awards," Sandra explained.

"Some of the styles will be available in our mainline collection or become part of the main collection after the awards season; for example, the Minny will now feature in our Autumn/Winter 2015 collection."

The Minny is a simple sandal with a slim ankle strap and band across the toes, along with a stiletto heel.

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