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Jimmy Choo admires Armani’s enthusiasm

Jimmy Choo admires Armani’s enthusiasm

Jimmy Choo will continue working until he is at least as old as Giorgio Armani.

The iconic footwear designer has no plans to relax and put his feet up despite being 66 years old. Jimmy doesn’t understand why anyone would stop working when they still have such a passion for their work.

“How old is Giorgio Armani?” Jimmy said during an interview with Britain’s Grazia magazine. “He is 80-something and he still carries on. Fashion never stops, only people stop themselves.”

This enthusiasm for fashion has clearly rubbed off on his niece, Lucy Choi. After realising she wanted to pursue a career in footwear, Lucy launched her eponymous shoe line in 2012. She is now opening a shop in London’s exclusive Mayfair district, in the same store Jimmy once operated from.

However, her uncle doesn’t own the building, so she had to fight off stiff competition from other candidates to secure the lease herself. Jimmy is thrilled Lucy is opening her flagship store in a place that holds such fond memories for him and believes she is destined to enjoy huge success.

“We say in Chinese that 18 is also a lucky number," Jimmy explained to the publication. "Eight means ‘prosper’ and one means ‘must’, so it’s like ‘must be’. Every time I came back to London I would go past and feel like, ‘Oh what a wonderful shop…’ It’s very spiritual.”

Lucy originally had some doubts before deciding to design affordable but high-quality footwear. She studied business at Birmingham University in the UK and spent eight years working in the city.

“I remember in Hong Kong, uncle bought some navy flats over – that was my first memory of him making a pair of shoes,” Lucy recalled. “After university, I saw uncle working really hard for the catwalk shows, and that’s when I thought: ‘Should I go into fashion… or not?’

It would have been easy for me to follow in his footsteps but I wanted to do something different.”

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