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Jessica Springsteen can't ditch prom dress

Jessica Springsteen can't ditch prom dress

Jessica Springsteen won't get rid of her junior prom dress.

The 24-year-old American show jumping champion, and daughter of music legend Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa, has admitted she has a "tough time" clearing out her wardrobe and has hoarded the white and grey bandage-style item from her teenage years, which she has not worn since the end of year event, although she intended to.

Speaking to PEOPLE about her fully stocked wardrobe, the brunette beauty said: "I have a tough time getting rid of anything, although there are a lot of things that I should get rid of. I try to stick to the rule that if you haven't worn it in a year, it has to be given away. But I still have my dress from junior prom! It's definitely time for that to go. It was a white and grey bandage dress. I haven't worn it since, but I kept it thinking I might! I think I picked it pretty quickly, I wasn't as into fashion as much back then."

Jessica is the new ambassador for the fashion house Ralph Lauren, whose signature logo is an equestrian player, and she has revealed her love for the luxury brand began at a young age, when her and her brothers Sam, 22, and Evan, 25, used to match their Ralph Lauren sweaters.

She explained: "My brothers and I used to all have this beige sweater with an American flag on it. We would all wear them together at the beach and pool in the summers when it was a little bit chilly! We wore them forever."