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Jessica Joffe: Wrap dress is a wardrobe must-have

Jessica Joffe: Wrap dress is a wardrobe must-have

Jessica Joffe thinks all women should invest in a Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress.

The iconic design celebrated its 40th anniversary last year and has been a style staple for generations of women.

Jessica is style editor at the label and strongly believes it's worth investing in one of the famous pieces.

"Invest in a wrap dress," she advised Matches Fashion. "I think a wrap dress is just amazing. At DVF, we have so many special iterations of it – not just different patterns, but with a chiffon skirt or reinforced with an A-line silhouette. It’s a very easy piece for me to wear. I don’t like fluffing too much – it’s simple and it’s not trying too hard."

The German-born fashionista is Diane's right-hand woman and plays a key role in House of DVF, Diane's reality TV show.

She compiled her top ten style tips for Matches, with adopting a uniform, dressing for your lifestyle and keeping accessories to a minimum ranking high.

"Make a style statement," she outlined. "Working in fashion is less restrictive – I don’t have to wear a suit to work, or I can wear jeans, so I don’t really differentiate between a work and weekend wardrobe. When we are filming the TV show House of DVF at the office, I do tend to wear heels as I feel more polished. That’s the great thing about clothing – it allows you to assert yourself or not assert yourself in certain ways."

Other pearls of wisdom from Jessica include channel 1970s chic, occasionally indulge in trends and switch up your shoes.

Going outside your comfort zone is another of her favourite style mantras, as is dressing for your mood.

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