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Jessica Hart talks travel style

Jessica Hart talks travel style

Jessica Hart likes to be “comfortable but stylish” when she travels.

The Australian model rose to fame through her work with Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated. Her job requires her to travel the globe and speaking to Vogue Australia, the 29-year-old opened up about her on-the-go style and beauty regime.

“I like to be comfortable but stylish. Comfy jeans or cashmere leggings, big sweaters, always a scarf and comfortable shoes, Converse usually,” she told the publication. “Layers are good because the temperature can be constantly changing. Whether it’s on the plane, changing terminals or custom halls, you want to be prepared for anything. There is nothing worse than being cold on a plane.”

As for what beauty products she always carries with her on a flight, Jessica named hydrating sprays and vitamin mists as must-haves so she doesn’t have to touch her face, as well as hand cream and lip balm to keep her skin soft in the pressurised environment.

Her experience as a jet setter has seen Jessica be announced as the trend consultant for Australian airline Qantas. Jessica was thrilled to land the role and explained what she would be doing.

“Many things. Among others, I will be making suggestions and advice regarding the little but important things that make travel more comfortable for passengers,” she said. “I travel all the time on many airlines and I’m in a good position to see what can be improved across the board. I will be helping Qantas maintain their advantage.”

One thing everyone who travels long haul struggles with is jetlag. Jessica has her own way of dealing with the issue, which she shared with Vogue.

“The million dollar question!! I don’t stop. Down time is the enemy,” she laughed. “Get off the plane, work, eat, sleep, gym, work more, repeat, leave. If anyone has a better idea I’d love to hear it.”

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