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Jeremy Scott slams designers who fear social media

Jeremy Scott slams designers who fear social media

Jeremy Scott thinks designers who bemoan social media making things fast-paced are "babies".

The fashion star is one of the hottest names in the industry, helming his own eponymous label as well as brand Moschino. Jeremy takes inspiration from popular culture when creating his collections and has embraced platforms like Twitter and Instagram as a means of getting his looks out there quicker. Because of this, he doesn't understand why fellow designers complain about how the Internet means a quicker turnout.

"I think they're babies," he quipped to about those who question expectations. "I love what I do, and I only want more. I love the whole process. I love designing, I love figuring out how to make the clothes happen, I love the ad campaigns.

"Working with Moschino, a real high fashion Italian brand, maybe I'm under tighter deadlines, but sometimes under tight deadlines you do your best work. Working at Moschino has been great because I just have to deliver when I have to deliver."

It's this happy-go-lucky attitude that makes Jeremy such a likable figure, especially amongst A-list celebrities such as Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus. He keeps himself grounded though and sees himself as one of "the people" rather than one of fashion's most elite names.

With his quirky ideas and relaxed nature, the 40-year-old admits he feels like somewhat of an outsider in the business - and he insists that's not a statement to make him come across as stupid or humble.

"It's not," he noted. "I don't think I always fit in. Maybe it's a complex you get as someone who has always been fighting on the outside. I think I'm one of few American designers doing a house in Europe, and I think I've been proving myself there very well.

"Other than Alex (Wang), who left (Balenciaga) recently, it's not a big pool. And as an American designer, do I feel like I get celebrated for that? No, not at all. And I think that's a grossly overlooked thing."

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