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Jeremy Scott's luscious liquid sunglasses

Jeremy Scott's luscious liquid sunglasses

Jeremy Scott enjoying getting others to think outside the box when creating his range of sunglasses with Italia Independent.

The quirky fashion designer has channelled his off-beat taste into a line of shades with the glasses company, which are set to hit stores in June (16). The unisex spectacles are made from matte transparent cellulose acetate, with colourful liquids featuring in the front and on the sides of the frames to create patterns. Available in six different shades, the mirrored lenses match the hue of liquid in the frames.

“I always like pushing my partners to think outside of the box, and this technical challenge of encapsulating liquid in the frames was exactly in keeping with that philosophy,” Jeremy grinned to WWD.

Lapo Elkann, co-founder and chairman of Italia Independent, certainly appreciated being kept on his toes by the Moschino master and is thrilled with the finished results.

“Working with Jeremy is a great source of energy," Lapo added. "We were able to create an outstanding, cutting-edge product - unique, ironic, colourful and completely surprising."

The shades will be priced at $60 and will be available to buy in leading international fashion, concept and department stores.

Jeremy and Italia Independent also worked together for the designer's collaboration with Pepsi Co, which saw the fashion star turn Pepsi's emoji line PepsiMoji's into a range of shades. Jeremy previously explained the task wasn't difficult because he's previously brought pop art to life with Moschino ranges focused on the likes of McDonald's and Barbie.

“I didn’t really think about it as (just a drink)," he said. "I guess, to me, it has such a rich history from the ads and logo, and bottle shape and bottle cap. It relates to pop culture... I didn’t have to think about it too much, it felt really natural,” he said.

Jeremy has been busy with his eponymous label too, showing at New York Fashion Week recently. Models, including Karlie Kloss, strutted down the runway in a range of fun, colourful clothing, with the designer dubbing his show 'Cowboys and Poodles'.

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