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Jeremy Scott's affinity with musicians

Jeremy Scott's affinity with musicians

Jeremy Scott is a musicians' designer.

The Moschino maestro has helmed the brand since 2013, and has injected his own sense of fun into the clothes. His Barbie collection as well as his McDonald's line were an instant style hit.

Catwalk isn't Jeremy's only forte though; he is also the go to guy for some of the biggest stars in the world.

"I have such an affinity for musicians especially. I'm not really an actress' designer. I love musicians because, if their job is to personify a part of their personality, then I can come in and help turn up the volume on it," he beamed to Paper magazine.

"I love that, because it is really being with a unique person and creating with a unique person, and that's why I have these strong female relationships like I do with [South Korean singer] CL, Katy [Perry], Rih[anna], Miley [Cyrus]. I'm lucky I have those relationships with people I feel so inspired by. I am the musicians' designer because I do things that are stronger and more eccentric. I get it: actresses have to blend and become other people all the time. I'm not that person. My design stands out, it personifies. It's like a megaphone."

As the man in charge of a high end fashion house, it stands to reason Jeremy should be a fan of the luxury market.

However he bucks the trend and says the most luxurious things aren't about money, but rarity.

"It's not really about how much something costs or whether it's 'limited edition'; it's about how special it is. It could be a mass-produced thing. It doesn't need to be expensive. And maybe that's why it has changed: it's not so much about the most expensive materials and the most expensive workmanship and the most amount of time you can say something took to make," he mused.

"Of course I realise that's not a bad thing, but it can also just become heavy and old. You can make something that's very 'all that' but still ugly and not special."

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