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Jeremy Scott: Putting the fun into fashion

Jeremy Scott: Putting the fun into fashion

Jeremy Scott thinks the fashion world has a problem with humour.

The American designer helms Moschino and his eponymous label, both of which boast bold and unique designs. Last year he showed a Moschino collection inspired by McDonald's, then followed one based on Barbie.

The more exciting the garment, the better for Jeremy, who hopes his creations bring joy to those who feast their eyes on them.

"Honestly, I just try to think my truth, and I try speak about the things that I think would be fun to see or things that are missing. I think a lot about how in the Depression days, the films and cinema were so important to peoples' spirits, and I like to think about my work doing that same kind of job. It's a very serious world we live in, more serious now than it probably ever has been. But at the same time, if you can find your way to find some moments of happiness, I think it's important," he told "I find - in fashion especially - people have a really hard time with humour being in fashion. I don't know what the reasoning is. I mean in a way, even if we look at film, I can't even think of a comedy that's ever won a Best Picture... I think a laugh is more valuable than a cry."

His pop-culture vibes at Moschino have caused quite a divide within the industry. Jeremy feels lucky to have brought his dream collaborations to life over the years, but he still has some ideas that are yet to become reality.

"Maybe there's something very like - I don't know, like NASA or something - that would be really difficult to manoeuvre," he said of his next challenge.

"Honestly, I've been really, really lucky, everyone's been super supportive and really excited about my vision. Barbie, I mean everyone grew up playing with Barbie and having her fashions throughout the years, so it was fun using her as a muse and playing with her."

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